Flight Delay and Cancellation with Turkish Airlines


Turkish Airlines, which has a history starting back in 1933, is a worldwide airline company that carries over 60 million passengers annually to 273 destinations all over the world.

Turkish Airlines is one of the most used airline companies in Denmark while traveling to Turkey. The airline company flies both from Billund and Copenhagen, some Danish tourists choose to travel to Turkey with Turkish Airlines from Hamburg as well.

Delayed or Cancelled Flights with Turkish Airlines?

If you experience a delay, cancellation or denied boarding to your flight, you may be entitled to compensation of up to 600 € per person from Turkish Airlines. The only problem is following the compensation rules for Turkish airline companies.

According to EU Regulation 261/2004 about air passenger rights, you can claim for compensation if your flight is cancelled, delayed for at least 3 hours or if you are denied to be boarded. The EU Regulation 261/2004 applies to trips made within EU (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, etc.), but not Turkey

While traveling from Denmark (or another EU country) to Turkey, the above-mentioned rules are applied, so that you must be either delayed for at least 3 hours, or your flight must be cancelled or you must be denied to be boarded to your flight.

If you are traveling from Turkey with Turkish Airlines, it is no longer the EU regulation that is applied and it Turkish rules that must be followed. The rules state that you must either be denied for boarding, or your flight must be cancelled, or you must be delayed for at least 7.5 hours.

The only exceptions to the 7.5-hour rule are the flights with transfers. If your first flight is so late that you miss your next connection flight, you may be entitled to a compensation.

Late or Cancelled Flights with Turkish Airlines? - It's Just Easy

Turkish Airlines are not as good at paying as SAS, where compensation payment takes only a month most of the times. Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines is a better payer than, for example, Primera Air or Onur Air, which in comparison, accepts to pay the compensation after 12 months.

Comparing to Norwegian’s cases for example, compensation cases with Turkish Airlines require a little more paperwork. In order to start a case against Turkish Airlines, please send us a copy of both the passport and the ticket.

If you do not have a copy of your ticket, please contact your travel agency or Turkish Airlines and ask for it. Please note that you can claim for compensation for the trips made with Turkish Airlines which are up to 3 years old counting from today.

Delayed or Cancelled Flights with Turkish Airlines? - How to Apply

You can claim for compensation for your delay or cancellation with Turkish Airlines flight. It just requires you to go to www.flycancel.com. Here you can fill out the form on the front page and submit a copy of both ticket and the passport.

Then our team will overview your case and evaluate your right to compensation. If you are entitled to compensation, we will contact you and tell what you are entitled to and inform about the case in general.

According to the regulation, the amount to be claimed depends on whether it is a domestic or international flight and the distance between the starting and final destinations.

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