Prices for Compensation


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It is completely free to make compensation request trough Flycancel. Once you have made your compensation request via our application form, we will receive your information and begin your case.

We operate by the “no cure, no pay” principle. We do deduct a fee for our service – but only if we succeed in receiving your compensation. We do not charge you with anything, if we fail to get you compensated.

The administration fee depends on the size of your compensation. The size of your compensation depends on your flight distance. In the below table, you can see current prices for compensation (Determined in the EU Regulation 261/2004).

Standard Pricing

Distance in KM Compensation (İnternational Flight)* We Charge – Only If We Win The Case
0-1499 250€/ Person 78€/ Person
1500-3499 400€/ Person 131€/ Person
3500+ 600€/ Person 195€/ Person

* Domestic flights are compensated with 100€/Person.

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