Passenger Rights at Bankruptcy Cases


What are your passenger rights in case of bankruptcy? If the airline company has gone bankrupt, you are always entitled to get your ticket refunded or to get a replacement trip. Since 2015 all flights from Danish airports are mandatorily obligated to have a bankruptcy cover.

Bankruptcy Coverage

Since 2015 all flights from Danish airports are mandatorily obligated to have a bankruptcy cover. If the airline has gone bankrupt, you can always claim to get your ticket refunded or get a replacement trip. Bankruptcy coverage is included in the price of your flight ticket, and this applies to tickets purchased directly from the airline companies as well. Bankruptcy coverage ensures that everyone can reach home if they are left somewhere abroad with a ticket to a Danish airport.

Ticket from Danish Travel Agency

If you have purchased an airline ticket from a Danish travel agency, the travel agency must arrange the rebooking. If you are on holiday, either the airline company or travel agency will get you home or refund your ticket if it is not possible to rebook you to an applicable departure. Either the airline company or travel agency must also provide accommodation, food and compensation if you come home later due to the rebooking. If your request is rejected by the airline company or travel agency, you may apply to Flycancel.

When The Ticket is Part Of a Trip Package

If you have purchased a trip package from a Danish travel agency (e.g. flight and hotel stay) and the airline goes bankrupt, the travel agent must arrange you a flight with another company or refund you the money for the entire trip package. If you totally cancel your vacation before the trip starts due to airline company bankruptcy, you may receive a reasonable compensation. If you experience any problems, you can appeal to the Package Travel Board. Please contact Flycancel for assistance.

Is The Ticket Purchased With an International Payment Card?

If you have purchased your ticket with an international payment card such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Maestro you can get your loss covered by the bank. You must contact the card issuer, most often your bank, as soon as possible, so that they claim for compensation for you. In case of disputes, you may appeal to the National Board of Appeals, when card issuer is a bank, and to the Consumer Complaints Board when card issuer is not a bank.

If you are in doubt about your flight rights at bankruptcy, you are always welcome to contact Flycancel.

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