Is Your Finnair Flight Delayed or Cancelled?


Finnair, a Finnish government owned airline company, dares to become one of the leading airline companies traveling between Europe and Asia from Finland's geographical location. The airline company has a big history, starting from 1923.

Figures show that more than half of the Nordic travellers use Finnair while traveling to exotic Asia. From Copenhagen, almost 400,000 passengers travel with Finnair annually. The airline company has 26 weekly departures from Copenhagen Airport.

Delayed With Finnair? You May Get The Compensation

Sometimes the flights are either delayed or cancelled, which happens to Finnair flights as well. If your Finnair flight is delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to compensation with value of up to 600 € per person.

However, there are several conditions for being eligible for compensation. Your Finnair flight must either be delayed for at least 3 hours or completely cancelled. You are also entitled to compensation if you are denied to be boarded to your Finnair flight.

This right for compensation is ensured under EU Regulation 261/2004. The regulation applies to trips made within EU (including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, etc.) and with airline companies that belong to these countries.

Delayed or Cancelled Finnair Flight.

If your Finnair flight is delayed or cancelled due to the Finnair, you may be entitled to compensation. If your flight delay or cancellation is not due to special circumstances such as terror, war, unusual road conditions, natural disasters or work strikes, you are entitled to compensation.

According to the regulation, Finnair has to provide a proof for delays and cancellations which would state that the airline company is not responsible for the flight disruption.

Finnair may claim themselves not responsible regarding the delay or cancellation in order to avoid paying the compensation. In such cases, Flycancel will escalate the case to the highest instance, the Transport Authority, which will make the final decision. If the Transport Authority concludes that Finnair is responsible for the delay or cancellation, the case is considered as finalised and the passengers will be compensated for up to 600 € per person.

Claim For Compensation For Your Finnair Flight Delay or Cancellation Today!

At Flycancel you can claim for compensation for your flight delay or cancellation against Finnair. It's quite easy to start a case against Finnair airlines. It just requires you to go to Here you can fill out the form on the front page and submit a copy of your ticket.

If you cannot find your ticket, the hope is not gone. You can get a copy of your ticket by contacting your travel agent or Finnair. Please note that you can claim for compensation for the trips made with Finnair which are up to 3 years old counting from today.

The amount to be claimed depends on whether it is a domestic or international flight and the distance between the starting and final destinations.

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