For how old flights can I claim for compensation?

You can claim for compensation in cases that have happened 3 years back in time from now. It only requires you to have a reservation, ticket or anything else that can prove you experienced a delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight within last 3 years.

From which airline companies can I claim for compensation?

You can, in principle, apply to all airline companies. At Flycancel we mainly deal with EU cases and cases with Turkish airline companies. All airline companies, including charter and low cost ones are covered by EU Regulation 261/2004. You are covered by the compensation rules if whether the delay is from an EU country or the airline company is an EU one.

How long should my flight delay be before I can apply for flight compensation?

As per legislation, your flight must be delayed for more than 3 hours on arrival to your final destination in order to have a compensation right. However, please note that there are other rules for cancelled and overbooked flights, where only 2-hour delay is enough. When you travel with Turkish airline companies from Turkey, other rules are applied.

How long does a compensation case last?

The proceeding and compensation receiving period significantly varies from airline to airline. For example, SAS cases typically take only 1 month to finalise. Primera Air cases rarely can be completed within 8-9 months. The processing time also depends on place of departure when the case is to be appealed in the particular country where the delay has occurred. For example, if the country of departure is an EU country, a complaint for flight delays from Malaga must be appealed in Spain.

What does it cost to use Flycancel services?

It’s actually free to use Flycancel. Only if we win the case there is an administration fee deducted.

We are Denmark’s cheapest company dealing with the airline complaints. While our competitors withdraw at least 20-25% excl. VAT as administrative fees, Flycancel charges only 15% excl. VAT in EU cases (i.e. airlines registered in the EU).

If we do not win the case, it is free for you to use our services. You will never be charged in such case unless we accept your claim for expenses.

Please note that other rules apply to Turkish airline companies and there is also another administration fee.

See section about compensation from Turkish airline companies. As cases with Turkish airline companies are usually driven through Turkey, other fees are deducted from the paid amount.

In what cases am I entitled to expense refund?

All reasonable costs associated with the delay or cancellation must be covered by the airline company. The legislation emphasizes that, after a 2-hour delay, the airline company must offer food, drink and, if necessary, it has to provide a hotel stay.

If you are not offered food, drink and hotel stay, please save all your receipts, so that Flycancel will ensure that you get them refunded.

In what cases am I entitled to compensation if the flight is overbooked?

If you unfortunately experience the situation when your flight is overbooked, then it is the airline’s responsibility to make sure that you have a new flight. If you are delayed for more than 2 hours comparing to the planned flight, you are entitled to a compensation. You also have a right for food, drinks and hotel stay.

In what cases am I entitled to compensation for flight cancellation?

If the airline company informs you about the flight change 14 days before the flight date, there is no compensation.

If the airline company informs you about the flight change between 7 and 13 days before the flight date, there must be a 4-hour delay between planned and actual flights to get a compensation.

If the airline company informs you about the flight change between 0 and 7 days before the flight date, there should be a delay between 2-4 hours and you get a 50% compensation. In case you experience a delay of more than 4 hours there is 100% compensation applicable. It is the airline company’s responsibility to rebook you to another flight if cancellation or flight change occurs within 14 days.

If your flight is cancelled while you are at the airport and you cannot fly, you may apply for compensation after 2 hours of waiting. Meanwhile if you are rebooked to a new flight immediately, and you land at your final destination the same time as you had to, there is no compensation to retrieve.

If you arrive with a 2-hour delay, it is possible to obtain a compensation of up to 600 €.

If you are in doubt about your case, please feel free to contact us here.

In what cases am I entitled to compensation for flight delay?

You are entitled to compensation for flight delays if your flight is delayed for 3 hours and more. However, you should be aware that the delay at arrival is counted, not delay at departure. Landing time is very important from the compensation right perspective.

Therefore, you must compare the scheduled landing time with the actual one. The scheduled landing time is shown on the ticket.

Sometimes the pilot can take off with 3-hour delay and more, but it may shorten the distance in the air and arrive earlier, for example, landing with 2.5-hour delay only. The opposite can also be relevant. The flight may take off with a 2.5-hour delay, but due to the air traffic, the pilot may not be allowed to land so that you will arrive with more than 3-hour delay. Then you have a right for compensation.

In case you are in doubt if you arrived 3 hours later than the time shown on the flight ticket, please call Flycancel at 71989900. We have access to special systems that show actual departure and arrival time on all scheduled flights. Unfortunately, we cannot always see the departure and arrival time for chartered flights (i.e. rented planes), but we will always do our best to find information for you.

How much can I get as compensation?

How much you can get as compensation depends on the distance between the starting and final destinations. Your compensation is calculated as per below:

You are entitled to compensation of 100 Euro for the domestic flights.

You are entitled to compensation of 250 Euro for the international flights under 1,500 km.

You are entitled to compensation of 400 Euro for the international flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km.

You are entitled to compensation of 600 Euro for the international flights that are longer than 3,500 km.

Please note that the distance is calculated as per flight distance (bird view), not driving distance

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