Compensation in terror cases

Passenger rights in terror cases

When a flight delay or cancellation is due to terror threats or a terror attack, you are not entitled to financial compensation as a passenger. Normally, the passengers are entitled to compensation only if the airline company causes the reason for the delay. In the event of a storm, terror or work strike, the airline cannot be held responsible.

Guide: Passenger rights in terror cases

"You are not entitled to compensation in case of terror, because terror is considered as an extraordinary circumstance that the airline companies have no control over.
Please Contact the travel agency and / or the airline company as soon as possible to hear how you are should act and how quickly you can get home.
You can have your ticket switched to the next possible departure with either the same airline or another. You can also choose to get your ticket refunded.
After 2-hour delay you have right to receive food and drink as well as access to free internet and phone calls. You also have a right to get a hotel accommodation if the delay requires the stay.
If you are not offered food, drinks or hotel accommodation, and you pay for those services, please remember to save your receipts so that we will help you refund your expenses.
Even if your flight is cancelled, you are still required to be at the airport before the scheduled departure, unless the airline company has notified the opposite.
While traveling to the countries with a higher risk of terror acts, you should be at a safe distance from political assemblies and demonstrations. You should also avoid or minimize attending the places where many people gather as much as possible."

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel Guide

"We redirect travellers to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guide, which is regularly updated. We recommend reading the travel guide for the country you wish to visit, but it is your own responsibility to follow the information in the travel guide and other sources (e.g. travel guides from other countries' foreign ministries). The Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel guides are for guidance only, and it is solely your decision whether you want to follow it or not.
If you are in doubt about your flight rights in terror cases, you are always welcome to contact Flycancel."