Compensation in Strike Cases


Strikes and labour conflicts within airline companies are unfortunately matters that affect air passengers annually. When a flight is cancelled due to airstrikes and work delays, it usually results with passengers not coming to their destinations as they planned to. If your flight is cancelled or delayed due to strike or labour conflicts, you have several rights that will assist you as a flight passenger.

Your Passenger Rights in Cases of Airstrike

If your flight is delayed or cancelled due to an airstrike, you have a number of rights that you can claim for. Please read here and see what you can claim for when the flight is delayed or cancelled due to airstrikes.

  • When your flight is cancelled due to airstrike, the airline company usually offers you a ticket to the next available departure.
  • If you are not offered a new departure within a reasonable time and you find a trip by yourself, then Flycancel can help you refund the new ticket.
  • You can also choose to refund your ticket if the flight is cancelled or delayed for at least 5 hours.
  • After 2-hour delay you have right to receive food and drink as well as access to free internet and phone calls. You also have the right to get a hotel accommodation if the delay requires the stay.
  • If you are not offered food, drinks or hotel accommodation, and you pay for those services, please remember to save your receipts so that we will help you refund your expenses.

What You Should Do When the Airline Company Strikes

  • If a strike has been announced, or it appears that an airstrike is written on display, you can contact the airline company to get information on how it affects you.
  • If there is a strike, keep it updated by following the airport or airline website and following the news.
  • Even though there is an airstrike, you are still required to be at the airport before the scheduled departure unless the airline company has notified the opposite.
  • You must contact your airline company or travel agent as soon as possible and inform them if you want to get a new ticket or have the old one refunded.

No Financial Compensation is Applied in Cases with Airstrikes

In case of flight delays or cancellations within EU or with European airlines, you are usually entitled to a financial compensation that you can apply via Flycancel. However, your right to compensation is not valid when your flight is cancelled or delayed due to airstrike, storm or war / terror. These cases are considered as extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of the airline company and therefore there is no right for compensation.

If there is a strike, please check with the airline company for further information, there you can ask for rebooking or a ticket refund.

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