Flight Delays - Compensation Due to Technical Problems.


A lot of Flights get cancelled or delayed due to technical problems every year. Technical problems are within the responsibility of the airline. Remember that you are entitled to compensation, if the airline can be held responsible for the delay, cancellation or overbooking of your flight.

In other words, you are entitled to compensation, if you encounter a flight disruption due to technical problems. Flight delays and cancellations due to technical problems entitle you to 100% compensation.

Please note that the technical difficulties must result in a delay of at least 3 hours. Delays under 3 hours do not entitle you to compensation. The compensation amount varies from 100 to 600 euro per passenger. The precise amount depends on your destination and on the flight distance.

Ticket refunds for flight delays due to technical problems

Airlines usually offer a new ticket to the next available departure, if your flight is cancelled due to technical problems. You may choose to get your money refunded, if your have to wait for more than 5 hours for a new flight.

A lot of passengers are unaware of these rights. Airlines may also hide this information from them. A lot of passengers buy new tickets when they experience delays or cancellations due to technical aircraft problems. In such cases, passengers are entitled to compensation and a refund of the new ticket.

Remember that your airline must provide you with food and beverages, if you have to wait for more than 2 hours at the airport. The airline must also provide you with hotel accommodation, if you have to spend the night at the airport.

Many airline companies use bad weather conditions as an excuse for delays – even if the real reason is technical problems. We have seen this before. Therefore, we encourage passengers to claim for compensation, if they are uncertain about the circumstances of their delay. You can also claim compensation for older flights (as far as 3 years). For more detailed information about your rights, please contact Flycancel.

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