Passenger Rights in Bad Weather Cases


What are your passenger rights if your flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather? Read more about your passenger rights in bad weather cases.

Flight Delay Due to Bad Weather. Here Are Your Flight Rights:

If your flight is delayed, you are entitled to food and drink while waiting for your flight after 2 hours of delay. Most airlines are good at providing food vouchers themselves. If this does not happen, be sure to save receipts for food and drinks, so that Flycancel helps you to get them refunded.

If your flight is cancelled, you are entitled to refund of your ticket or to get a new ticket for the next available departure. The airline must make sure that you reach your destination. If you have a transfer flight, then the airline company must also provide new tickets further from the connection airport.

Even though the flight is delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, you are still required to be at the airport before the scheduled departure unless the airline company has notified the opposite.

Normally There is No Financial Compensation for Cases With Bad Weather, But ...

Delays and cancellations while traveling in EU or with the European airline companies entitle you to a financial compensation. The exceptions, however, are the delays and cancellations that happen due to strikes, storms or war / terror. These cases are considered as extraordinary circumstances beyond which the airline companies have no control and therefore no compensation is applied.

Even if your trip is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, it may be a good idea to try to make a claim to Flycancel. We have good experience of winning cases where airline companies have primarily refused to pay compensation due to the weather conditions. Please keep in mind that it does not cost you anything to start a lawsuit with us. We will only charge an administration fee if we win your case. Therefore, as a passenger, you have nothing to lose.

It is the airline company’s responsibility to prove the cause of the delay and if it cannot prove that the delay or cancellation happened due to bad weather conditions, then you are entitled to the compensation as a passenger. Therefore, we test most cases even though the bad weather conditions are given as cause of delay.

Please remember that you can claim for compensation for delayed or cancelled flights as well as rebooked ones that are up to 3 years old.

In case you are in doubt if your flight got disrupted due to bad weather conditions or if you would like us to review your case, please feel free to contact us here at Flycancel.

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